Water Supply

The Cantonment Board receives water in bulk from the Karnataka Urban Water Supply & Drainage Board. This is stored in overhead and ground level tanks constructed by the Cantonment Board for further distribution to the Civil population. The average water supply received by Cantonment Board is 3,50,000 gallons per day. The supply is quite regular. The water for other than drinking purpose is managed through 25 bore wells, 21 open wells fitted with Pumps and Water tanks. The work of replacement of water supply pipe line in Fort area is under progress.
There are no complaints about water supply in the Bazaar area as the work of replacement of water supply distribution pipeline in Bazar Area has been completed recently.

1) Documents Required for New Water Connection

a) Application duly signed by the applicant and approved plumber of the Board in the prescribed format available in the office.
b) Site plan showing existing and proposed water connection duly signed by the registered plumber of the Board.
c) NOC from the owner/HOR if applicant is tenant.

2) Charges for New Water Connection

a) Supervision charges Rs. 500/-
Road Cutting charges
• Asphalt Roads Rs. 1500 per mtr.
• WBM Roads Rs. 900 per mtr.
• Kutcha Road/Ground/soil Rs. 800 per mtr.
• Cement Roads/Paver block road Rs. 1500 per mtr.

3) Cost of Water Tanker
Rs. 500/ per trip inside the Cantonment Area
Rs. 750/- outside the Cantonment Area within a 5KM.

4) Bill Payment Links can also be provided here.

NameDesignationMobile No.
Budhaji Gore Water Supply Fitter 9902895621
Rama Kamble Valve Man 9632436141
Sandeep Ashtekar Maistry 7090094099

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