As per Section 4(1)b of Right to Information Act, 2005, the following officers are nominated as Central Public Information Officers.

1 Office Superintendent General administration.
2 Resident Medical Officer Cantonment General Hospital Births and Deaths
3 Head-Master/Head-Mistress Cantonment Board Marathi School Cantonment Board Marathi School.
4 Head-Master/Head-Mistress Cantonment Board Urdu School. Cantonment Board Urdu School.
5 Assistant Engineer Public Works, lands etc.
6 Revenue Superintendent Assessment, Taxation, Leases and Rents from Commercial properties, and other revenues due.
7 Sanitary Superintendent Sanitation, hygiene etc.
8 Accountant Accounts Department
9 Storekeeper Stores, Purchases.

Cantonment Executive Officer will be the appellate authority under Section 19(1) of the Act.

Statement Of Documents And Records Held By The Cantonment Board.

Cantonment Board holds, amongst others, the following records and documents pertaining to the functions of the Board :-
• General Land Register of Civil Area.
• Sanctioned Building Plans.
• Various Notices issued by the Board.
• Tax Demand Register and other details concerning Consolidated Tax, Advertisement Tax etc., levied by the Cantonment Board.
• Water Charges Demand Register, Notices, Bills and other documents corresponding to water supply.
• Demand Registers, Notices, Bills etc., of rents, leases etc. of various shops, stalls, markets, leasehold sites etc.
• Cash Books, various Receipts, Budget, Vouchers etc.
• Work Orders, Measurement Books and other corresponding documents with regard to the Public Works done.
• Trade licenses issued by the Board.
• Proceedings of the Board and its various Committees.
• Documents and records pertaining to Cantonment Board General Hospital like In-Patients and Out-Patients Register, Registers of tests done, medicines issued etc.
• Service Books, Provident Fund and Pension records and other official records of Cantonment Fund Servants.
• Records pertaining to Cantonment Board Marathi and Urdu Schools like Attendance Registers etc.
• Correspondence with various Government Organizations, Public and Private Parties, internal correspondence etc.
• Documents corresponding to General administration like leave register, Attendance registers, Pay Bills, Energy Bills etc.
• Miscellaneous documents pertaining to Municipal functions of the Board.