Property Tax


The Property Tax service provides a digital interface, allowing citizen to search and download property bill, make the payment online and download the payment receipt.

Steps Involved:

  • 1. Login to the system using Mobile number and OTP
  • 2. Search for required property using Search property
  • 3. Download the bill
  • 4. Pay the property tax using portal or PT bill payment link received through SMS and Email
  • 5. Download the receipt

Facilities Available:

  • 1. Status update through SMS and Email
  • 2. Download & Print the PT Bill and Receipts.

Basis of Assessment / Norms of Assessment of Property Tax followed by Cantonment Board while doing Triennial Assessment

1. The assessment in Belgaum Cantonment Board is done triennnially for revision of Annual Rateable value of already assessed propeties and also to add any newly assessed property to the Property Tax Register as per Section 75 to 80 of Cantonment Act, 2006.

2. Property Tax is assessed and revised as per information received in FORM No. 8 with due notice under Section 116 (1) of the Cantonment Act, 2006 from the assessee.

3. On the basis of FORM No.8, the information submitted by the tax payer is verified physically by Cantonment Board.

4. Formula for Calculation of Property Tax for the assessment year 2019-2022.

(a) Under Section 73 (a) of Cantonments Act 2006..

(i) One-twentieth of the sum obtained by adding the estimated present cost of erecting the building to the estimated value of the land appertaining thereto..

(b) Under Section 73 (b) of Cantonments Act 2006

(I) Historical Method ARV is fixed by increasing minimum@

(a) 20% – 25% for residentail use

(b) 30% -35 % for residential rental properties,

(c) 40% on commercial properites and

(d) 50% on highly commercial and State Government properties, over the previous year ARV.

Consolidated tax = 22% on ARV

(II) Unit Rate Value Method ARV= Built up Area x Unit Rate Value x 12 months (-) Depreciation Value (15% to 45% Based on the Age of the building) Consolidated tax = 22% on ARV

(III) Rental Properties ARV=Rent p.m. x 12 Consolidated tax = 22% on ARV

5. Disposal of objection if any by personal hearing.

6. Finalisation of Assement list.