President of the Board

Brig. Rohit Choudhary, SM

The Station Commander of the Army is the President of the Cantonment Board. At present Brig. Rohit Choudhary, SM, is the President of the Cantonment Board Belgaum.

The Duties of the President are as follows

  • It shall be the duty of the President, Cantonment Board :-
  • Unless prevented by reasonable cause, to convene and preside at all meetings of the Board and to regulate the conduct of business
  • To control, direct and supervise the financial and executive administration of the Board;
  • To perform all the duties and exercise all the powers specially imposed or conferred on the President by or under this Act; and
  • Subject to any restrictions, limitations and conditions imposed by this Act, to exercise executive power for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this Act.
  • Incase of grass misconduct during the course of meeting to suspend a member other than a Chief Executive Officer from attending the un-conduct part of the meeting of the Board.
  • The President may, by order in writing, empower the Vice-President to exercise all or any of the powers and duties referred to in Cl. (c) of sub-section (1) other than any power, duty or function which he is by resolution of the Board expressly forbidden to delegate.
  • The exercise of discharge of any powers, duties or functions delegated by the President under this section shall be subject to such restrictions, limitations and conditions, if any, as may be laid down by the President and to the control of, and to revision by the President.
  • Every order made under sub-section (2) shall forthwith be communicated to the Board and to the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Southern Command.


Belgaum Cantonment is the only cantonment in the state of Karnataka. It was established in the year 1832. Since then the Cantonment has made rapid progress in providing its residents with the best civic amenities possible. Cantonment of Belgaum is known for its greenery, tree lined spacious roads, good civic amenities and well mannered hospitable residents.

The Cantonment Board has during the last three years widened existing roads to accommodate growing traffic, modernized its water supply and drain lines and provided street lighting in every corner of the cantonment. Most of the working of the Board has been computerised to provide better and quicker service to the residents. The office has been renovated as per modern principles of file movement and aesthetics.

Cantonment Board has also formulated a plan for the long run. The water supply position to fort is set to improve with the revamping of line from ELSR , Wells, Bore wells to Fort. More roads would be taken up for widening and more footpaths would be paved. Staff of the Board is always available for any assistance.

But ultimately it is up to the residents to make most of the efforts put up by the Board. The residents on their side have to be more responsible. They have to make proper use of the facilities provided by the board.  It is expected that the residents put the domestic waste in the dust bins provided for that purpose. Taxes and other charges should be paid in time. Activities like unauthorized constructions and encroachments on government land should be avoided. It is only with the active participation from residents that any initiative taken up by the Board can be a success.

The idea of hosting an official website by the Board is an idea that is in tune with times. It helps in making the administration more transparent and user friendly. I commend the efforts put in by the CEO and the staff in making this project a reality in such a short time using resources available in house.