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Belgaum Cantonment was established in the year 1832. The Cantonment comprises of two zones viz., the main Cantonment and the Fort zone. The Cantonment is situated at a height of 2497′ above M.S.L. The average Rainfall is 137 cm. The maximum Temperature is 39 C and the minimum temperature is 12 C. This healthy climate enchanted the Europeans and even today it is known as the poor man’s hill station. The Sahyadri mountain range known as the Western Ghat cut across Belgaum. Belgaum City itself is surrounded by a number of hills among which are Rajhuns Gad, Belgundi, Vaijanath and Kakati hills.

Belgaum Cantonment is one of the 62 Cantonments in the country governed by the Cantonments Act, 2006. It is the only Cantonment in the State of Karnataka.

Some of the places of interest located within the Cantonment include

● Fort
● Kamal Basadi, a historic Jain monument in the Fort
● Ramakrishna mission Asrama, with a tenement where Swami Vivekananda had stayed during his Wanderings all over India.
● St. Mary’s Church

In addition to these, Belgaum Cantonment is also a renowned Educational Centre. Some of the City’s oldest and best Schools are located in the Cantonment area. Cantonment also provides the city with beautiful lush green lung space. It is morning walkers’ paradise. Its cosmopolitan nature is striking.

Cantonment is a model town with well laid out streets, drains and greenery. It houses the Regimental Centre of the Maratha Light Infantry, Junior Leaders Wing, Platoon Commander’s Wing among other Military installations.