Revenue & Tax

The Tax Section is headed by Revenue Superintendent, Two Tax Collectors and One Bill Collector. The Tax Collector and Bill Collector mostly do outdoor work. The section is provided with 02 Second Division Clerks to assist them to maintain the registers i.e., Assessment Register, Demand & Collection Register etc.,
The Revenue section is responsible for:
1. Maintaining of House tax register, Water charges register, Miscellaneous register, Trade license register, parking fee register & Lease rent register etc.
2. Prepare of House tax , Water charges & Lease rent bill and their recovery.
3. Issue of Trade license to Shopkeepers/Traders.
4. Allotment of Cantt. Fund Accommodations.
5. Booking of Hockey Ground, Parks and Water tanker at the following nominal rates-
1 Parks
2 Hockey Ground
3 Guest House
4 Water Tanker

• For booking, please contact Revenue Section.