The Engineering Branch deals with the functions of town planning, development works and providing other civic amenities like roads, drains and sewers, buildings, mutation etc.The duties of the Engineering department include sanction of building plans, preparation of estimates and planning of development works, detection, prevention and removal of unauthorized constructions and encroachments, dealing with various appeals related to Engineering Section and to assist the legal advisor in defending court cases related to Engineering Section. The department also does the regular survey, demarcation and measurement of land where ever required. The Engineering department functions under Assistant Engineer.

1 Shri Satish Mannurkar Assistant Engineer 9448140299
2 Shri Sandeep Ashtekar Maistry 7090094099
3 Shri Budhaji Gore Plumber 9902895621
4 Shri Parashram Ashtekar Electrician 9449037474